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Trinidad Vigia Tubos (Pack of 3)

Trinidad Vigia Tubos (Pack of 3)

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2020 Original Package  

Trinidad – Sautter of Mount Street

The Trinidad Vigia is a very finely constructed cigar with a nice smooth and shiny finish and topped off with a pigtail cap. Wonderfully aromatic with woody and peppery spice profile and strong notes of earth, cedar, a nice burst of pepper, and lingering coffee beans throughout the entire cigar. Although these flavours come and go in varying degrees as it is enjoyed, it is a fairly well balanced medium body cigar throughout. Pairing suggestions: cognac, single malt whiskey, bourbon, rum, rye, anisette, port, and bold gourmet coffee.

Size: 4 3/8 x 54

Strength: Medium

Country: Cuba

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