RH (Relative Humidity) impacts how your cigars taste, light, and burn.

Boveda for Cigars

Choosing the right humidity levels depends on the condition of your cigars, your humidors, and the climate. There are many factors that can affect the condition. We recommend keeping your cigars at 65% RH to 69% RH levels for a great smoke.

For Cannabis Flower

58% - suitable if you live in humid environment or if you prefer drier buds.

62% - suitable for drier climate or prefer more sticky flower.

  • Great for Most Humidors

    Perfect for most humidors that holds up to 25 cigars. Such as wood, glass top and travel humidors.

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  • Suitable for Airtight Humidors

    Most popular for its use in some humidors and travel humidors.

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  • Great for Aging Cigars

    To age cigars long term while preventing mold growth.

    Recommended for Cuban cigars or other tightly bound cigars that tend to mold at a higher RH level.

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  • For Cannabis Flower

    Ranging from 58%-62%.

    Maintaining this range can protect against trichome damage, terpene loss, over drying, and mold.

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