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Montecristo Dumas (2019)

Montecristo Dumas (2019)

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Size: 5 1/4 x 49

Body: full


As with the Dumas and the Maltés from the same Linea 1935, the Montecristo Leyenda has thee bands: in addition to the usual Montecristo band with the golden fleur-de-lys, there is also a Linea 1935 extra band that reads Leyenda, and a third band which actually covers and protect the foot of the cigar. The vitola is not a new one for Montecristo, as it is the same used for the 80 Aniversario, a Double Robusto. It is a massive cigar, pretty heavy in hand but with an apparent flawless construction. The wrapper has a beautiful Colorado Claro color, medium-light brown, unusual for a Montecristo, but it is also very bright and shiny. It is very oily, silky smooth, veinless and the triple cap is applied to the perfection. The Leyenda is extremely well packed, no gaps or any softer spots.

Smoking Notes:
Before lighting up

Off the wrapper, we get some light flavors, off the foot, some musty smell, with a faint cream or milk chocolate, and hints of leather as well. The cold draw gives some cedar, earth, leather and a bit of hay. Not much sweetness so far. The draw itself is good and rather easy.

Burn/ Draw

Lighting up the Leyenda takes some time due to its massive size however, when lit, it burns slowly and remains cool. Plumes of smoke are already billowing out the foot.

Initial third:

The Leyenda starts off beautifully with plenty of very typical Montecristo flavors: creamy wood and damp earth with some sweet chocolate notes as well, milk chocolate like. The flavors are very well balanced but stronger on the palate than the usual Montecristos. It feels like a better and stronger Montecristo No.2. There also some faint notes of sour cherry, leather, roasted almonds and some faint citrus. The cigar is not harsh at all, and the Leyenda almost feels like an aged cigar despite its young age. To be fair, the leaves used to roll the cigars in the Linea 1935 have been aged already, but one can tell that it is only premium tobacco. The burn is great, despite few waves here and there, it is not an issue. The ash stays on for about an inch and has a beautiful color and density. The strength is still below medium when reaching the second third.

Middle third:

In the middle third, the milk chocolate notes become prominent, on the inhale as well as in the finish, it is very enjoyable. There is more sweetness in general, some honey notes, and still roasted almonds. The background flavors are still the smooth wood and earth, but some pepper is also joining the fray: black and white pepper. It is very creamy overall, with no harshness. The overall flavor profile is reminiscent of the Montecristo 80 Aniversario which was of the same vitola. The burn is amazing and the ash held on the full second third. Medium body in the middle section.

Final third:

The strength picks up in the final third, the Leyenda is now a medium to full cigar. The flavor profile does not evolve much but it doesn’t really matter because the flavors are amazing and powerful. The cream is incredible, still plenty of chocolate, honey, and wood. There is also a nice minty flavor that comes in forefront, blending beautifully with the chocolate. The cigar smokes still very well, the construction and burn are flawless all the way through despite some slight bursts of youthness here and there. Nothing that prevents enjoying the cigar until the nub anyway.

Overall a premium smoke from a premium Habanos brand, get a box as soon as you can!

Smoking time: 1 hour 30 minutes – 2 hours

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