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H. Upmann

H. Upmann Robusto Anejados 2016 (Limited Edition)

H. Upmann Robusto Anejados 2016 (Limited Edition)

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Year: 2011

Size: 4 7/8 x 50

Body: mild to medium

The Anejados concept was introduced first in 2015 with the Romeo Y Julieta Piramides Anejados. Since then Cuba has released a few cigars with a double band mentioning the concept name: Anejados. All these cigars have been aged in Cuba for 5 years or more, allowing the blend to be rounded and mellower when released.

The cigar starts quite strong for an H Upmann. The brand characteristic develops creamy texture and light to medium strength. The beginning brings some spiciness in the back f the tongue. The draw is perfect but the cigar sometimes shows signs of weak burn even though the ash quickly reveals a great construction by standing long.

The draw is sometimes too easy. The strength decreases in the second part of the cigar turning light to medium and a slight creaminess finally appears after the bitter and vegetal first part. The vegetal part also linked to fresh cigars sometimes is present until halfway but the balance is very enjoyable. Not at all a typical H Upmann flavor profile.

Past halfway the cigar really opens up and wonderful flavors come up. Creaminess, sweetness, lots of nuts, and roasted almonds appear.  It is a nice journey as the cigar evolves a lot even though it isn’t one of this big format.

Until the end, the intensity is high, the strength balanced and the flavors very rich. The last third is quite impressive. No bitterness, high acidity allowing the flavors to linger for long on the palate. Very interesting intensity. Stronger than expected but great nutty flavors and creamy structure.

Probably the best Anejados cigar from Habanos. Very promising cigar, great size, and nice complexity. It should get rounder and rounder over the years.

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