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Peterson Specialty Smooth Nickel Belgique Pipe

Peterson Specialty Smooth Nickel Belgique Pipe

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The Speciality Smooth series beautifully showcases our range of lightweight, elegant Specialty shapes with a classic, red-hued, smooth finish, lending these trim designs a timeless aesthetic.

Originally released as one of four Specialty shapes in 1945, the Belgique is our signature take on the traditional Belge, its Egg-like bowl and forward cant reminiscent of the clay tavern pipes of yesteryear. Something of a contrast to the robust, muscular aesthetic that defines so much of our House Style, it's among our smallest, most lightweight designs.


length: 145mm


bowl height: 36mm

bowl width: 26mm

chamber depth: 30mm

chamber width: 16mm

stem material: vulcanite

material: briar


Made in Dublin, Ireland

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