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Peterson Specialty Rusticated Nickel Belgique Pipe

Peterson Specialty Rusticated Nickel Belgique Pipe

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 The Speciality Rusticated Nickel Mounted series adds a rugged touch to our range of lightweight, elegant Specialty shapes, juxtaposing its dark, earthy stain and a rustic, old-world texture with the bright flash of its nickel fitments.

Originally released as one of four Specialty shapes in 1945, the Belgique is our signature take on the traditional Belge, its Egg-like bowl and forward cant reminiscent of the clay tavern pipes of yesteryear. Something of a contrast to the robust, muscular aesthetic that defines so much of our House Style, it's among our smallest, most lightweight designs.

length: 145mm

weight: 19g

bowl height: 36mm

bowl width: 27mm

chamber depth: 30mm

chamber width: 16mm

stem material: vulcanite

material: briar


Made in Dublin, Ireland

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