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Mac Baren

Mac Baren Plumcake Navy Blend

Mac Baren Plumcake Navy Blend

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This blend consists of carefully selected Virginia tobaccos in a beautiful ribbon cut, Burleys cut as a ready rubbed, some Original Cavendish and finally to top the blend off, a handful of Latakia is added.

All together the different tobaccos add a perfect taste of natural sweetness and a smokiness coming from the Original Cavendish and of course, the Latakia.

It is a full-bodied blend with offers the natural tobacco taste and on top of these excellent tobaccos we have added some genuine Jamaican Rum.

Sold in a 50g tin


Tobacco: Virginia (USA & Brazil) Burley (Brazil & Malawi) Original Cavendish (Malawi) Latakia (Syria)

Type: Latakia blend

Cut: Loose with small pieces of pressed tobacco

Strength/Flavour: Full bodied with pronounced tobacco taste crowned with the smoky flavour of Latakia

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