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Mac Baren

Mac Baren Cherry Ambrosia

Mac Baren Cherry Ambrosia

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In Cherry Ambrosia numerous different raw tobaccos are used. From the bright Flue-cured Virginia tobaccos, to the selected loose cut and ready rubbed Burleys over the black Modern Cavendish, to a hint of oriental tobaccos. On top of this a special cherry flavour rounds up the blend giving it its sweet, aromatic taste of ripe cherries combined with a supporting tobacco flavor. It is a very nice blend for the aromatic smoker, who wants to enjoy a good solid blend with a sweet aromatic taste.

Sold in a 50g tin


Tobacco: Virginia (USA & Brazil) Burley (Malawi and Brazil) Original Cavendish (Malawi)

Type: Aromatic pipe tobacco

Cut: Loose with small pieces of compressed tobacco

Strength/Flavour: Medium cherry flavoured

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