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CAO MX2 Ashtray

CAO MX2 Ashtray

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C.A.O. International Inc., came out with the Mx2 cigar brand, with its distinguishable 'X' designed ashtray, a practical yet stylish piece for any cigar room.

The black ashtray, sports four grooves in the shape of the letter X that hold your lit cigars . The piece stays true to C.A.O's tendency to push the limits of cigar tradition, but remain within the "bounds of good taste."

Produced from earthenware ceramic, the ashtray comes in two pieces, making ash disposal quick and easy. This two-piece body also cuts down on some of the odor stale cigar ash may emit.

The ashtray is lightweight, good if you need to slide it closer to a friend, and measures 10 inches by 7 1/2 inches so it should fit easily on most end tables.

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