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Partagas Coronas Gordas Anejados (2008)

Partagas Coronas Gordas Anejados (2008)

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Partagás | Cigar Aficionado

Origin: Cuba

Size: 5 3/5 x 46

Body: medium to full

A first glance, the wrapper appears slightly darker and a little rougher than my regular production Partagás stock. After grabbing one to directly compare however, the shade variation probably isn’t anything that’s directly related to the release so much as just the natural shade variances you’d see anywhere. The aroma off the wrapper is puzzling: there is almost no smell coming off it at all, just the slightest waft of leather. Thankfully, the cold draw is much more flavorful with creamy cinnamon, grains, and sweet fruits, definitely all classic Partagás notes, but seemingly more rich and robust.

Starting out the first third there is a significant amount of pepper on the nose, some cedar and a touch of grassiness. The draw is good, easily within the ideal range, but definitely closer to the tighter end of it. Though the burn isn’t razor-sharp, it remains fairly even and free from the need of any touch-ups. There is a bit of spice and creamy fruits that have been added to the mix, working well with the pepper, cedar, and grassiness.

Shifting into the second third of the Añejados, the spice has grown to dominate the profile, leading the flavor parade of pepper, cedar, grass and creamy fruits marching dutifully behind. The burn cleaned itself up surprisingly sharp and even without any intervention on my part, while the dense ash is holding on surprisingly tight to well over an inch. Spice continues up front, while the pepper has faded slightly, allowing for a smoother retrohale, even though I wouldn’t necessarily describe the retrohale as smooth and easy.

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